"California Dreaming"
Winter Exhibition 2004
600 Townsend Street, San Francisco
January 8 - March 2
Juror's Statement by John Toki

Over a century ago, California attracted individuals with pioneer spirits. A diverse mix of cultures and values brought people together to share life experiences, artistic skills, trades, and political beliefs by shaping and building a state which reflected an image of freedom of expression and opportunity.

In the current Pacific Rim Sculptors Group exhibition, entitled "California Dreaming," a group of artists mirrors a great sense of freedom of expression courage, tradition, and experimentation, as in the spirit of the early pioneers. A wide range of aesthetic diversity is expressed through the art with feelings of passion, love, joy, pain, and hope.

Some of the highlighted works are: Ralph Holker's abstract ceramic totem, "Stele V," making reference to a mythical ancient culture, and Peter Hier's "US 101," a textured spiral vortex black rubber tire sculpture expanding on the inherent beauty of plant forms. "Winged Victory," a larger than life spiritual guardian fabricated with palm fronds and red pigment by Susan Harvest, communicates a modern day deity, while Ellen Vogel's sculpture, "Interconnected," address the subject of dwellings set into a chilling white winter storm, providing a poetic statement about shelters and mankind. The reality of war is expressed in "Modern Man Cup and Saucer" by Susan Peterson. A gas mask attached to the side of a cup is a painful reminder of the human condition. "013" by Timothy Rose is a colorful metal mobile stretching in space and dancing in a lyrical way. "Stone Flower #7," a bold alabaster piece by Zahava Sherez, includes more formal aspects of sculpture, rounding out the show.

The overall quality of the art work submitted was outstanding, with subject matter ranging from whimsical, abstract, machine-like and political, to those with sexual, spiritual, and humorous content. Works in the exhibit push formal art traditions, especially through the use of color, subject matter, combined media, and experimental use of materials, enhancing the expressiveness of the sculptures.

This year's Pacific Rim Sculptors Group exhibit, "California Dreaming," is a dream come true.